What Makes Firecracker Pizza So Damn Good?



No Slip Slices

What’s on top of your pizza should stay there. No slipping and sliding, no flopping and folding.

Signature Spice

All of our crust is brushed with our signature Firecracker red chili oil. Don’t worry; it’s not too hot.


House-Made Ingredients

All of our pizza dough and sauces are made right here in our restaurant. W smoke a lot of our meats, including our signature turkey pastrami, and we prep all of our toppings from fresh, premium ingredients daily.


Beer in the Dough

We use beer-inspired ingredients in our pizza dough: think brewer’s yeast, malt, hopes, barley, and beer itself. This leads to the beer-forward flavor and suggested beer pairings.


After-Bake Shake-Ons

Even if you’re sharing a pie, everyone can get the level of spice they want. Spice blends and hot sauces are on every table so you can customize the hot factor.


Globally Inspired Pizzas

Our chefs have whipped up some badass recipes with non-traditional ethnic and global culinary styles. At Firecracker, you’re bound to see something on a pizza you never have before.


Create-Your-Own Option

Choose from one of our signature, wild-style pizzas or make your own. It’ll still be served lickety-split on our delicious dough and with premium toppings.

Jay David