The Firecracker Space



Historical Building

Firecracker Pizza & Beer is housed in a vintage building in The Grove neighborhood in St. Louis, MO. We lovingly renovated our space and turned it into party central.


Nightlife Location

We’re poised to not only serve lunch and dinner, but to also be your after-bars location. We’ll have slices until 1:30 a.m. and plenty of lounge-style seating.


Awesome Patio

Fun, furnished, and plenty of games. Don’t just eat and run; hang out and enjoy some shenanigans.


Rockin’ Record Player

Pick and spin some vinyl from our exclusive Euclid Records bins. Our playlist is selected by the hooligans and rebels in our midst.


Mural off Manchester

Our badass mural is so you’ll never forget where we are. Take your picture in front of it and tag #firecrackerpizza on social media.

Jay David