Ignite Your Appetite


iceberg, romaine, turkey pastrami, heirloom tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, bleu cheese, egg, firecracker dressing

Ba Da Boom

iceberg, chopped pepperoni, pepperoncini, black olive, parmesan, artichoke, red wine vinaigrette

Whistlin’ Kitty Chaser

spring mix, goat cheese, seasonal berries, toasted pecans, cauliflower, seasonal berry vinaigrette

Screamin’ Mimis

thick slices of smoked boneless chicken thighs, basted and seared with our sweet heat chili oil, served with FPB white sauce and ninja sauce

Cherry Bomb

8 ounce pork and beef MEATBALL smothered in firecracker red sauce and mozzarella cheese served with our garlic bread twists.

Sizzlin’ Whisker Biscuits

thrice baked potato skins with blue cheese, applewood smoked bacon, FPB white sauce, chives and cherry pepper relish

Zippity Do Das

thick cut VEGGIE FILLETS of roasted zucchini, portabella, and eggplant marinated in coconut aminos topped with a nest of basil and garlic roasted spaghetti squash, FPB red sauce, red pepper coulis

Pizza by the slice or pizza by the stick — Grab 'N' Go or Stick "N" Stay

6”x 6” Premium Slice / $5
daily selections

12” Boom Stick / $5
stick of dynamite stuffed with pizza toppings; daily selections


Lunch Specials

Monday through Friday from 11am-3pm, get a premium slice or boom stick + salad for just $10.


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All of our dough, sauce, and ingredients are made in-house daily. Our crust is made from beer ingredients and brushed with our signature red chili oil (don’t worry, it’s not too hot). Visit the spice bar for some After-Bake heat.
Pepperonius Monster
from 12.00

king-size pepperoni, red onion, FPB red sauce, mozzarella, lavender shake

from 13.00

sausage, mushroom trio, spinach, FPB red sauce, mozzarella, extra oregano

Jalapeño Bidness
from 13.00

chorizo, mild jalapeño, pineapple relish, three cheese blend, queso fresco, FPB red sauce

Spuds Rodríguez
from 12.00

applewood smoked bacon, roasted poblano, FPB white sauce, mexican roasted corn, caramelized onion, three cheese blend, fresh chives, roasted potato

No Sleep ’till Brooklyn
from 13.00

turkey pastrami, FPB white sauce, sauerkraut, mozzarella, swiss, thousand island dressing, toasted caraway

Rocky Mountain Thigh
from 12.00

smoked boneless chicken thigh, caramelized onion, coloradito molé, three cheese blend, fresh chives, puffed hemp hearts

from 12.00

sweet chili chicken, spinach, mozzarella, cilantro, cucumber-carrot slaw, ninja sauce, crushed wasabi peas

Cherry Poppins
from 12.00

heirloom tomatoes, cherry pepper relish, mozzarella, fresh basil

Shiva’s Revenge
from 12.00

curry hummus, eggplant, roasted potato and cauliflower, mozzarella, mint and tamarind chutneys

Rotating Recipe: Beer-Forward

Daily Limited Supply

Brewmaster inspired dough with beer making ingredients such as brewer's yeast, malt, spent grain, barley, hops, & beer itself, paired with seasonal beer styles

Rotating Recipe: Rock It Forward

Daily Limited Supply

Seasonal rock-n-roll. inspirations a portion of the proceeds donated to local school of rock foundation enabling financial aid to underprivileged future rock stars

Available in

Go Out with a Bang

Holy Molé

habanero honey chocolate chip cookie

Cinnamon Girl

chili spiced cinnamon brownie

Apple Betty

gluten-free cinnamon apples and oats, made with teff flour crust

Cool Out!
— Add Premium vanilla bean ice cream for $2.00 –